Mr. Daniel Nolen

  • My name is Daniel Nolen, and I am in my third year as a principal at Morrice. I graduated from Malone University in 2000 with a major in Psychology. I met my wife there, and we moved back to her hometown of Howell. There I began my career working at Big Brothers Big Sisters and started facilitating mentoring programs in the county schools. This experience guided me toward becoming a school counselor, and I completed my Masters at EMU in 2006. I worked at Howell Schools for four years as a counselor and then went to Swartz Creek and worked as a counselor for nine years. It was during my time there that I wanted to become a principal. I completed my Masters's in K-12 administration in 2016 and then became the Principal of the Alternative school in 2018 for three years, and for one and a half years, I was also one of the assistant principals at the middle school.