• Tentative Reschedule Dates

    Graduation Prom 
    May 29  June 19
    June 26  July 11 
    July 24  August 1
    August 7  


    3/17/20 Prek MSU Museum Field Trip
    3/19/20 PTO Rollhaven Family Night
    3/20/20 SVSU Indoor Track Meet
    3/24/20 Choir Nursing Home Visits
    4/7/20 Mother/Son Daddy/Daughter Dance
    Robotics Competition in Grand Rapids
    Nashville Band Trip


    3/14/20 Casino Bus Trip
    3/20/20 Senior Lock-In
    4/8/20 1st Grade Potters Park Field Trip
    Young Authors Day
    Girls On the Run Practices
    After School Intervention Groups
    Athletic Practices
    2nd Grade Field Trip Parent Meeting
    Kindergarten Round-Up
    Girls and Boys Basketball Banquets