• Morrice Board of Education

    The Mission of Morrice Area Schools is to prepare all students for career and college success and to foster a sense of community service and responsibility.


    1. ACADEMIC:  Provide the necessary resources needed for students to succeed while preparing for career and college readiness.
    2. COMMUNITY:  Nurture community pride in the schools that provides for strong community support by seeking input, valuing diversity of thought, and demonstrating the value of quality public education.
    3. COMMUNICATION: Maintain and improve relationships between the Board of Education, administration, staff, and the community through effective and collaborative communication.
    4. CULTURE:  Cultivate a safe and supportive learning environment which challenges and inspires all students/staff to reach their full potential.
    5. FINANCIAL:  (1) Prudently allocate resources in a way that maximizes their value and allows the District to meet its obligations and improve long-term financial health by growing the fund equity 1% of budget per year.  2)  Ensure the responsible management of financial resources to achieve district goals and maintain long term financial health.