• Athletic Philosophy

    1. That the primary objective of going to school is to secure an education. The ultimate aim of education is to develop desirable and effective citizens and that athletics play a role in the total development of individuals.
    2. That the Morrice athletic program is based on the development of fundamental skills, self-discipline, team concepts and a positive attitude while maintaining a competitive posture.
    3. Athletes should possess a deep sense of pride in their program and the school, and that all those connected with athletics give the school the highest type of representation.
    4. Winning may be a highly motivating factor but is secondary to character building and sportsmanship. Teams and individuals must learn to accept both winning and losing gracefully.
    5. These programs are part of the total educational program and participation will provide a number of opportunities and experiences, which assist students in self- expression, mental alertness, physical growth and educational maturity.
    6. That all students who enroll in an athletic program are to be kept in that program unless they are recommended by a coach to go to a higher level program. Cuts may be made in the following programs:
      1. All varsity level programs
      2. V. Basketball and J.V. Volleyball, which hold a maximum of 15 students on the team
    7. All players, coaches, and spectators shall abide by the good sportsmanship rules. Those who do not obey shall be evicted from the game or building. These evictions are at the sole discretion of the Athletic Director, Game Supervisor or School Administrator in charge.



  • Jeremy Rogers
    Athletic Director