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    In this period of anxiety and "cancellation", I'd like to promote some postivity!

    In the words of Dr. Louise Stanger, remember what's NOT cancelled: 

    "Conversations will not be cancelled

    Relationships will not be cancelled

    Songs wil not be cancelled

    Reading will not be cancelled

    Self-care will not be cancelled

    Hope will not be cancelled

    Love will not be cancelled"

    positive attitude



    The purpose of the Morrice Area Schools guidance and counseling services are to help students: 

    • Select and participate in academic and other school activities that will best ensure achievement of defined educational and personal goals that  are commensurate with their abilities. 
    • Identify, analyze, and make contact with those agencies and institutions that can provide follow-up with on programs or services related to the student's goals and plans for the future.
    • Resolve problems and overcome obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their educational and personal goals.