• You can have instant access to your student’s current grades and attendance through the internet. You will need the following information:

    Your student’s Access ID

    Your student’s Password

    PowerSchool District Code:  JJSF

    *Access ID's and Password's are given out at the beginning of the school year. If you do not have yours, please contact Jackie Van Agen for the Jr./Sr. High School or Katie Nickels for the Elementary School. Contact info for both are below*

    If you have internet access at home or at work you can view the information on your student at any time. If you do not yet have internet access you can visit the high school office to receive your student’s report. Students have received their own user name and password separate from the one we provide to you. Please do not share this information with your student as the system keeps a record of who is viewing the data. For instructions on setting up your PowerSchool account, please see the link to the right.

    For questions about your students attendance please contact:

    Jacqualynn Sholty(Jr./Sr. High School Secretary) 517-625-3143 ext 1611

    Katie Nickels (Elementary Secretary) 517-625-3141 ext 3611

    For questions about your students grades or Power School log-in please contact:

    Nicole Carlson (Counselor) 517-625-3143 ext 1111