Emily Smith



Degrees and Certifications:

Emily Smith

About Me
              I am so excited to be on staff at Morrice Elementary.  I graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. and M.A. in elementary education.  I have been teaching in various roles at Morrice for nine years. My husband Kris and I live in Morrice with our kids.  Our family loves being a part of this community and school.

Educational Philosophy
            I believe school is a place where students must make decisions and take ownership of their education which is fostered and supported by the adults in their lives. It is a place for students to feel safe and cared about. These two things are accomplished only through mutual respect and similar goals of the important people in their lives (parents, teachers, coaches, administrators etc.)
            I believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to encourage and teach all students in their care as intellectuals, individuals and as part of society. It is important for them to recognize themselves as lifelong learners. Teachers need to be able to adjust and adapt the ever-changing world of education, all the while keeping their integrity, core beliefs and the community and schools’ expectations in tact. Teachers must show and earth the respect and trust of their students, fellow staff, administrators, parents and the community.
            I believe the students need to accept responsibility for their education and actions. All students are capable of success and need to be given the confidence to know this about themselves and their classmates. It is their responsibility to try their best, work hard and take pride in everything they do.
            I believe it is the school district, administration, and community’s responsibility to give all the students and staff the tools and support they need to reach their potential. This can be accomplished through many areas, but always should include respect for the students and staff. It is essential that in every decision they make, the first question should be: “is this what is best for our students?”
            I believe it is the parents responsibility to install a sense of education importance in their child. It is also their responsibility to model respect and pride in the school and community. They are their child’s first teacher. It is imperative that they take an active role in their child’s education.
            Finally, I believe that while a student may be able to achieve success without this support, their full potential can only be reached when all aspects of this philosophy (school, teachers, student, community, district, and parents) are working together.